Expert Tips From a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Service

Renovating your kitchen can be both rewarding and challenging. Yet, there are certain steps which you should always follow to avoid common errors. Here are some of the essential design steps provided by a kitchen remodeling service provider.

  • Plan ahead: functionality first, aesthetic next

When remodeling your kitchen plan ahead: functionality first, aesthetic next. For instance, there should be no more than 6 feet between the fridge, countertop, and sink. Also, they should roughly form a triangle for optimal speed and convenience when cooking. Be sure to install enough overhead lighting as well.

  • Add room for storage

Another step you should take is to add room for storage. Instead of acquiring cabinets which do not reach to the ceiling, opt to have them reach. This will provide more space and prevent the need to be dusting the unused top of the cabinets. Also, opt for deep drawers for additional storage of utensils. And plan for storage of appliances which would otherwise clutter the countertop.

  • Add appropriate power sources

If you plan to relocate or add new appliances, add appropriate power sources. This will prevent unwanted hassles related to installing or moving sockets and wiring after the completion of the remodeling. Also, verify that there is enough space for machines such as the dishwasher in their new locations. This will avert problems like not enough draining.

There are several essential design steps which you should follow to avoid common errors. These include planning ahead when it comes to functionality. Adding enough room for storage of utensils, appliances, and others. And adding enough power sources for new or relocated machines. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional kitchen remodeling service. An example of one such contractor is GL Custom Texture & Renovation in Hurst, TX.

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